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At Katz & Phillips, P.A., we realize the considerable confusion regarding DUI-related criminal charges. If you have recently been arrested for DUI, you very likely have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. That is the reason we have created this website. We hope that visitors here will be able to find information necessary to achieve the best possible results from their DUI cases.

However, because even the most “simple” DUI charge is still a complex legal and civil matter, best left to legal professionals, there is a limit to how many questions we can answer and how much guidance we can provide. Even if you cannot find the definitive answers to discharge your DUI, we hope the information you find here will at least point you in the right direction. The better informed you are, the better we can handle your case.

Our years of experience have proven that we at Katz & Phillips, P.A. have the knowledge and skills to handle the complete range of DUI cases, from the most cut-and-dried to the most complex, in a highly effective and professional manner. If you want to learn more, please keep reading for a list of several common questions associated with DUI charges. When you are done reading, if you still have questions or concerns, or want to discuss your case in greater detail, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest opportunity. Your initial consultation with a Katz & Phillips, P.A. attorney is free of charge.

Q: I was arrested for DUI. Will my license be suspended?

A: Yes. A DUI arrest triggers driver’s license suspension by the Florida DHSMV. Your license may also be suspended if you refuse a breath or blood test or are convicted of DUI in criminal court. In the case of an arrest, though, you can appeal the suspension by requesting a DMV hearing within 10 days of the date of your arrest or the date you received a notice of suspension.

Q: Can an attorney help me with my DMV hearing?

A: Yes. An attorney can schedule your DMV hearing and represent you at the hearing in order to present your case and provide the best opportunity of maintaining your driving privileges.

Q: Do I have to submit to field sobriety tests?

When you are pulled over for suspicion of DUI, the officer may ask you to step out of the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests, such as walking in a straight line or standing on one leg. By law, you are not required to submit to these tests and will not face enhanced penalties for a refusal. However, it is best to be polite when informing the officer of your refusal.

Q: What types of cases does Katz & Phillips, P.A. handle?

Our lawyers handle all types of DUI cases occurring throughout Sanford, Fla. and the surrounding areas. This includes felony DUI, DUI with injury, underage DUI, multiple DUI offenses and out-of-state DUI.

Q: Can I be charged with DUI even if I pass a breath test?

Florida law defines DUI as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or over and/or while “under the influence” of alcohol or a controlled substance, so you may face DUI charges even with a BAC below the legal limit if field sobriety tests or other evidence shows impairment of your normal driving abilities due to alcohol and/or drugs.

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