The way that you behave during an arrest can have more of an impact that you know. It can actually mean the difference between being convicted and being acquitted. When you are arrested, there is little doubt that you will be riddled with anxiety. It is important that you keep calm and follow three rules.

1. Don’t Make the Situation Worse

It is easy and even understandable to be upset when you are getting arrested, but any outbursts on your part could make the situation worse. No matter what you think of your current circumstances, don’t blurt out the first things that come to your mind. Any utterances can be used against you in court, not to mention anger the officers you are dealing with.

2. Don’t Talk Too Much

Many people try to plead or negotiate with police officers. Doing either of these things will do you no good. If the police have decided to talk to you as a precursor to an arrest, there is very little you can say or do in your favor. In fact, trying to talk yourself out of an arrest may have you charged with further crimes like obstruction or even bribery.

3. Get a Lawyer

Don’t say anything without a lawyer present. If you do not have a lawyer immediately available to you, do not talk to the police until you have secured one or been provided with one. It is your right to have an attorney present as you answer any questions. Remember that anything you say to the police can be used against you down the road. You don’t want to incriminate yourself.

The way you act during an arrest can have an impact on the next several years of your life. Say or do the wrong thing and you can easily make things worse for yourself. Use this article as advice and understand how to behave should you be detained by the police.

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