The costs of medical care are extremely high in this country, and sometimes people are forced to make decisions they’d rather not make involving their medical care. Unfortunately, sometimes these decisions can run you afoul of the law, as one Ohio couple is now finding out.

A 12-year-old girl died because of pneumonia, and now the police are investigating the parents to see if they played a role in the death of the child. They were indicted by a grand jury on November 27th, and face charges of involuntary manslaughter, endangering children and permitting child abuse.

The authorities said that the girl had a wound that went untreated for weeks and developed into pneumonia. Their arraignment is on December 13th.

It is an interesting conundrum. The police are charging them with involuntary manslaughter. Parents have a duty to protect their children, but we do not have all the information about the specifics in this case, as is proper since the case hasn’t gone to trial yet. The prosecution is going to have to prove that a wound was present, that it went untreated, and that it caused the death of the child in order to make that charge stick.

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