Credit: Kevin SlavinDrug crimes are a serious problem in this country, but sometimes police will try to prosecute even the possession of drug precursors (chemicals needed to make a drug) or the possession of drug-related equipment like glass pipes. Depending on just what is found, they may try to accuse you of manufacturing drugs.

With some drugs like methamphetamines, the case can be very clear. Four people in Lake County were arrested today when police found an active meth lab in a backpack inside of a home. Someone had called in a tip to the police. When the investigators came to the home they smelled a strong chemical odor.

After searching they found a pot actively cooking meth in the backpack, along with all the precursor drugs and some completed product. The three people in the home were arrested for trafficking in meth and manufacturing of meth. A fourth person showed up as the deputies were there and was arrested for a probation violation.

The prosecution is going to have to prove that these people all had a hand in the process of making and selling the drug for the charges to stick to them all. A good defense attorney will make it even harder for them to do so. An egregious case like this would be difficult to defend, but smaller cases happen every day.

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