Credit: Elliot BrownIt can be a nightmare when your child gets arrested. However, it’s doubly so when the court system decides to try your child as an adult. This is something that is reserved for very heinous crimes where the juvenile system wouldn’t provide sufficient justice. Such cases are very dramatic.

One such case happened earlier this month in West Orange High School. A student has been charged with attempted first-degree murder with a firearm among other charges for allegedly shooting another student in the face and abdomen. The student was arrested a few hours later in Winter Garden.

According to the victim’s attorney in the case, the individuals involved only knew each other in passing. The sheriff’s office has claimed that the individual is a documented gang member and are investigating to see if the violence was due to gang activity.

If your child is accused of a crime and is being considered for trial as an adult, you need to get them legal representation as quickly as possible. The penalties as an adult are far more severe than they are for children. Even if the case seems open-and-shut, a skilled defense lawyer may be able to bargain the court down to a lesser sentence. It all depends on the circumstances and how quickly you can get a lawyer to work on the case.

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