Tampa Bay Times

A highly-publicized case that started three years ago has come to its end in a Hillsborough court. Matthew Moye, the dentist who killed two young adults near Halloween in 2010 was sentenced to 12 years in prison and ten years probation. It was his first appearance in the court in all that time, after his lawyer advised him to stay away due to the high publicity.

According to the investigators, Moye had a 0.13 blood alcohol level which is above the 0.08 legal limit. He was going 89 MPH and hit a median, causing him to swerve several times and strike Douglas Kozar and Kate Kohlier. They were walking back to their cars in front of the Marriott Waterside Hotel at the time.

The reason he came to the court was to accept a plea deal that his lawyers had negotiated with prosecutors. Other cases of a similar nature had put people away for 20-30 years. The family reported that they were disappointed, but they had to accept the decision.

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