If you have been convicted of a crime in the past it will remain on your permanent record. A criminal conviction can make it difficult to get future employment. Today, almost anyone with computer access can gain information about your past criminal record. Many people wonder if there is a way to remove the record or have it expunged. There are two main ways to remove access to your record – sealing and expungement. Having your record sealed may be the easiest of the two to accomplish.

Sealing a Criminal Record

Sealing a criminal record means that your arrest and conviction information will be kept private. Your record won’t be completely eliminated and it will still be accessible by law enforcement and other government bodies when required. But sealing your record may very well achieve the result you’re looking for. Most people want to make sure that others are unable to access this information. In order to get your record sealed you’ll need to petition the court. Not all those who petition for sealing of a criminal record are granted. If you want to improve the chances of ruling in your favor you’ll want to be sure to have your case handled by a defense attorney with experience in this area.

Who Can View Your Criminal Record

Almost anyone can find out or view your criminal record through various means online. It can be beneficial to you to have your record as limited as possible to outside viewers. Just because your record may be sealed, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not visible to certain parties. For example, if you’re applying for a government job or a job with a school district, they may have access to your record, even if it’s sealed. Additionally, other bodies of law enforcement will also be able to view your sealed record. A sealed record will be more difficult, if not impossible, for members of the general public to see.

How to Have Your Record Sealed

The first step in having your criminal record sealed is to petition the court. While you can accomplish this yourself, it is best handled through an experienced lawyer. Once the court agrees to hear your case your attorney will present the reasons why your record should be sealed. In many cases, a sealed record may help you get a job – many employers review these types of records regularly. However, keep in mind that some employers ask potential employees whether they have been convicted of a felony. It’s often helpful to have your record sealed as a way to move forward in your life. A sealed record will help you in all areas of your life as you try to put your conviction behind you.