Orlando Police have made arrests in an identity theft ring that touches victims from all around the world. Many of the victims may not yet know that their identity has been stolen.

According to Orlando Police Master Sgt. Rhonda Huckelberry, victims of the scam are in Canada, Kentucky, Utah, California, London, Virginia, Kansas, New York, and Columbia, Texas. Right here, we have 1,855 victims,” Huckelberry said.

Police were alerted to the identity theft ring because an 85-year-old man called authorities to report a fraudulent $4,000 charge on his credit card that came from an area rental car business.

Police discovered that the car had been rented with a fraudulent card and the vehicle was still out on rent. The company was able to activate the OnStar system on board the vehicle in order to locate the car. Police were able to recover both the vehicle and make two arrests from inside the vehicle.

Police arrested Xavier Stephens, 27, and Bridget Bennifield, 38. The two had backpacks with them that were loaded with traveler information of consumers who had used Preferred Guest Resorts, a booking agency for resort travelers.

The two admitted to having purchased bags full of the documents from Chrystie Hall for $100 per bag. Hall had worked for the company until just last week.

Orlando Police investigators say that Hall, rather than shredding paperwork of travelers to secure their private information, instead sold it to Bennifield and Stephens. The two would then take the stolen information and sell it for $50 per page.

Authorities say the scheme was very organized and at this point it is unclear how many consumers may have been victimized in the scheme.

Identity theft and credit card fraud are a huge problem across the United States. Victims of identity theft are often left with an incredible mess to clean up after the damage has been done. Those who are found guilty of identity theft and credit card fraud can face lengthy prison sentences as well as heavy fines and penalties if they are found guilty.

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