Credit: CodoneAUGOne of the strongest pieces of evidence the police can have in a criminal case is DNA evidence. Everyone’s DNA is unique except in the case of identical twins. Genetic markers can positively identify someone years after a crime, but only if the DNA is collected and processed correctly, and it isn’t always enough.

WESH reported that a man was charged with second-degree murder after DNA evidence linked him to the location of a murder back in 2012. Police couldn’t convict him on the DNA evidence alone. It was found on a broken bottle. The suspect said that he had been on the room of the auditorium to drink, but denied being involved with the murder.

What ended up giving the police enough evidence was an informer who said that the suspect talked to him about the murder on several occasions. Police were able to obtain a recording of him confessing to the act. That is what gave police enough evidence to proceed with charges.

Forensic television shows love to show the power of DNA evidence, but all it can do is show that you were present there at some point. A good criminal defense lawyer will do their best to prove that DNA was incorrectly harvested or tested, as well as question other police procedures that may have been incorrectly done. If you have been charged with a crime, call our law offices right away.