When you are looking for a new job, you will fill out several applications. On most, you will be asked if you have ever been arrested. Knowing how to answer correctly can mean the difference between keeping your new job and later being fired for lying on your application. Read on to understand how you should answer those very personal questions.

  1. You Do Not Have to be Arrested

Just because you weren’t officially arrested does not mean that you weren’t charged with a crime. Any law enforcement officer can accuse you of a crime without forcing you to wear handcuffs.

  1. Are Citations Criminal Charges?

Sometimes. If a police officer hands you a citation, request any paperwork that will be filed against you. It is possible to receive a citation and later be charged with a criminal offense relating to your traffic violation.

  1. Dismissed Doesn’t Mean Dropped Charges

When a case against you is dismissed, it doesn’t automatically mean that the charges against you were dropped. You may still have been charged with a crime, no matter how minimal the charge.

  1. Expungement

Some applications ask if you have ever had a crime expunged. If you are asked and you have had a case expunged, be honest. The same goes for any charges that you have had sealed.

  1. Dropped Charges Can Stick

Sometimes a person has no ability to drop charges against you, even if they want to. This can be especially true in the case of domestic violence. A police officer or prosecutor may have signed the charges against you even if your family member told you that they were “dropped.”

The best way to find out if you were charged with a crime is to pull up your local court records. Most jurisdictions make these available to the public online. When you fill out an application, you will check a box that says you are being truthful. If your future employer discovers that you lied on your application, it is grounds for termination. It is far better to be honest and take your chances on an employer not wanting to hire you because of your criminal past than to lie and get fired later.

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