I Was Arrested – Do I Need an Attorney?

If you’ve been arrested in Florida it is essential to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. No matter the crime you’re accused of, an experienced lawyer will help guide you through the legal process and assist you in making the important decisions regarding your case. There are few, if any, circumstances that should be handled alone. In fact, choosing an attorney sooner, rather than later, will usually result in a better outcome. Some people wonder just what a lawyer will be able to do for them, especially if they are guilty of the crime. Being found guilty of a crime usually carries harsh penalties that could have a negative impact on your life for many years to come.

What to do After an Arrest

Being arrested can be a terrifying experience. Upon your arrest you’ll be placed in custody behind bars. The first hearing, called an arraignment, is your first contact with the legal system and needs to be properly handled. This hearing is where the formal charges will be made against you and the judge will determine and set bail. If possible, it is extremely helpful to have your lawyer represent you at the first hearing. Your lawyer will immediately review the charges against you and may be able to have them reduced or eliminated. Your lawyer will also work to get your bail lowered or try to have you released without bail. The amount of bail is usually determined by the charges against you and your previous criminal record. If you have a job, you’ll need to be released to be able to go back to work. If you don’t have the money to put up for bail, you may be able to work through a bail bondsman.


Penalties for a conviction of a crime will range widely. Penalties are based on the type of crime and whether you have had any prior convictions. A guilty conviction may include fines, jail time, probation, driver’s license suspension, and community service, to name some of the possibilities. Additionally, a conviction of a serious crime can seriously limit your ability for future employment opportunities and can negatively impact your personal life. If you’re convicted of a DUI you may lose your driving privileges and your insurance rates will increase. Even minor crimes come with punishments if you’re convicted. But it’s important to remember that just because you’re accused or charged with a crime it doesn’t mean you’re convicted. Only after going through the legal process will your verdict be determined.

Getting Through the Legal Process

The legal process can be daunting, especially for someone going through it for the first time. Your attorney will begin by reviewing every aspect of your case. If necessary, the lawyer will interview witnesses and view video. The goal is to protect your rights and resolve your case in the best possible way. Every case is different with a unique set of circumstances. An experienced lawyer will develop a strategic defense based on your specific situation. Choose an attorney with experience in the area of representation that best fits your needs.