No one wants to be in a position of standing before a judge seconds before a sentence is handed down. For many, the thing that they are hoping for is community service in lieu of jail time. But what exactly happens when you are given community service? One thing that you absolutely need to understand is that you are still bound by the court to carry out your “sentence.”

When you are ordered to perform community service, the judge will assign you a work site. The assignment is not random. Where you live, your past experience, physical limitations and even school/work schedule will be taken into consideration. By taking these things into consideration, the judge is giving you an added opportunity to make sure that your service is successful.

As part of your assignment, you will be told how many hours you are expected to perform. You will be required to submit time sheets on a weekly basis either to a probation officer or directly to the court. It is always suggested that you complete your hours well ahead of your next court date to be sure that your paperwork is in order.

It is also important to understand that it is not easy to get an extension if you need to more time to complete your hours. If there is something preventing you from completing your hours in a timely basis, it is recommended that you contact the courts as soon as possible. Typically, you will only be awarded an extension if you have fallen ill or injured.

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