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The state of Florida is particularly tough on individuals charged with robbery. Robbery covers a wide range of acts; it can mean anything from snatching money from someone’s hand to taking their vehicle. Under the law, when you take something from someone that rightfully belongs to them, it is considered theft. When you enter a building to take property, it is considered burglary. When you take something from someone by force or threat, the act becomes considered robbery. Robbery is the most serious offense because it involves threat and potential harm to another human being.

Robbery is a felony in Florida. At the very least, you are looking at as many as five years of incarceration and a potential $5,000 fine for a third degree charge; that is, if the court decides your victim was not in much danger. A third degree felony charge for robbery means you did not use a weapon. If you did use a weapon, the charge increases to a second degree penalty and can increase your time in prison to 15 years. The fine for a second degree robbery charge can cost you an additional $5,000. If the weapon was deadly, meaning that it was a knife or firearm, you are looking at a first degree robbery conviction which could possibly mean life in prison.

Work With an Orlando Robbery Attorney for Your Defense

[expand]There is too much at risk to face these charges without experienced criminal defense representation. If you are arrested on suspicion of robbery, you should not say anything to law enforcement. The United States Constitution protects your right to remain silent. Use that right. The only words you should speak are those used to ask for an attorney.

An arrest for robbery does not necessarily mean you are going to prison for five years to the rest of your life. You have the right to defend yourself against the charges. Depending on the nature of your crime, that may not be easy. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference. You need a lawyer who has successfully handled these types of cases many times before.

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips will make an assessment of your case and tell you where we think you stand in terms of defending against the charges against you. If charges have not yet been leveled, we will work hard to prevent it from happening and will work to get your case dismissed. We will investigate every detail of the crime you are being accused of and try to find a hole in the prosecution’s case. Call us and ask for our help. Contact Katz & Phillips immediately if you are facing robbery charges so we can fight for your rights.