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People change with time. You may have made a mistake years ago and broken the law, and now you are afraid that one misstep is going to ruin the rest of your life. In some cases, a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney can help you make the mistake you made go away. We can help you put it behind you so you can move on. Florida calls this process expungement, and the attorneys at Katz & Phillips have years of experience in dealing with this legal process. Expungement can make your criminal record go away. It can prevent others from learning about it when you apply for a job, a loan or fill out an application to rent a home. Law enforcement officials may still know about it, but no one else will. When asked if you have ever been convicted or charged with a crime, you can say no when your record has been expunged. If you are charged with another crime in the future, your arresting officer might be aware of your previous problem, but the prosecution cannot use it against you when trying to convict you.

There are a few limitations to the expungement procedure. If you were actually convicted when you brushed with the law, expungement will not make that go away. You cannot apply for expungement repeatedly, each time you are charged with an offense. To apply for expungement, you cannot currently be serving probation. If you served probation in the past, you must have done so without any blemish or infraction on your record.

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If you think your case is eligible for expungement, call the attorneys at Katz & Phillips. We have been representing Florida residents against criminal offense charges for decades. We know how important clearing your record is to you, and we will work exhaustively to make it happen. Expungement is not just a matter of filing some paperwork with the state. It involves convincing a judge that you should have your record erased. For this, you need an attorney who has successfully prepared and presented such cases before. Call the attorneys at Katz & Phillips today. We can make a difference.