Florida Law FAQ

What is Boating Under the Influence?
Boating Under the Influence in Florida
Can I Fight a Boating DUI?
Will I automatically lose my job if I get arrested?
Why do I need a lawyer if I plan to plead guilty?
Can I be charged with assault if there was no injury?
How long does a person have to file an appeal in Florida?
What is a writ of mandamus?
What do I do if I lose my appeal?
How do you clear a bench warrant without going to jail?
What happens when you accept a plea deal?
What Factors Determine Bail In Florida?
Will my case go to trial?
What’s the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?
Does getting arrested affect my immigration status?
What should I do if I think there’s a warrant out for my arrest?
My Underage Child Was Arrested for a Crime – What Should I Do?
What Happens if I Have an Arrest Warrant?
What are Florida Drug Charges and Penalties?
What Will Happen If I’m charged with Domestic Abuse?
What Should I Do If I’ve Been Charged with Domestic Violence?
What Happens If I’m charged with Internet Crimes?
How Can I Defend Possession of Marijuana Charges?
Are Computer Crimes Federal Offenses?
What is the Difference Between Burglary, Robbery, and Theft?
How Can I Defend Criminal Trespass Charges?
I’m Innocent of the Charges against Me – What Can I Do?
How Can I Get My Loved One Out of Jail?
If I Was Arrested For Domestic Violence How Can I Get Out of Jail?
What Should I Do If I’ve Been Charged with a Sex Crime?
Is There A Way To Clear My Criminal Record?
Was My Arrest Handled Properly?
How Can I Get My Conviction Record Sealed?
Miranda Rights – What Are They?
Probation – What it is and how it Works
What Crimes are Misdemeanors in Florida?
I Was Arrested – Do I Need an Attorney?
Is It Illegal to Flash your Lights as a Warning of a Speed Trap?
How Can I Defend Charges of Internet Crimes?
What is My Right to Counsel?
What is a Plea Deal – Should I Take One?
What Are a Defendant’s Rights?
How Do I Defend A White Collar Crime?
What Will Happen if My Child is Arrested for a Crime?
How Should I Plead?
My Miranda Rights Weren’t Read During My Arrest – What Should I Do?
Do I Need Representation by A Lawyer?
What Can I Do To Have My Criminal Record Expunged?
What is The Three Strike Law?
What is Bail and how is it Set?
What is my Right to Remain Silent?
How Does Plea Bargaining Work?
What is an Arrest Warrant?
Are Drug Checkpoints Illegal?
What is the Drug Court Program?
What are My Rights as a Passenger in a Vehicle during a Traffic Stop?
Defending Theft Charges
What is a Presentence Report?
What Happens After a Failure to Appear?
What are the Consequences for Theft?
How Can I Defend Drug Charges in Florida?
What is a Bench Warrant?
I Wasn’t Read My Rights – Will My Case Be Thrown Out?
A Lawyer can Help Even in “Hopeless” Cases
When the Evidence is Stacked Against You…
Do I Need an Attorney for an Arraignment?
If You’re Arrested for Sex Crimes, Call Us Immediately
When Slapped with Drug Charges, Call Us
Even Child Pornographers Need Legal Defense
DNA Evidence is Strong, but Not Always
Even When Caught Red-Handed, a Lawyer can Help
I Was Arrested – What Plea Should I Make?
Was it Negligence, or Something Else?
Never Run From an Accident Scene!
Is It Illegal to Buy or Keep Stolen Property?
Drug Charges are No Joke
When your Child is Tried as an Adult…
What is Constructive Drug Possession?
What is the Pretrial Diversion Program and How Can I Participate?
How Can I Fight Drug Possession Charges?
Will I Be Able to Get a Plea Deal?
What Are My Rights If I’m Arrested?
Welfare Fraud Arrest in Florida
What Are the Most Common White Collar Crimes?
Do I Need an Attorney at An Arraignment?
Yoga and Heroin Don’t Mix
Are License Plate Scanner Legal?
What Happens If I Wasn’t Read My Rights in an Arrest?
Is It Possible to Erase My Criminal Record?
Are the Police Allowed to Search My Car?
Did Domestic Abuse Push someone to Murder?
If My Rights Weren’t Read Will My Criminal Case Be Thrown Out of Court?
What Happens If I Am Stopped by the Police?
What Will Happen If I Fail to Appear at a Hearing?
Must I Have An Attorney After An Arrest?
Failing to Appear in Florida
Exemption for Non-Permit Holders During Hurricanes
Illegal Possession of Prescription Medication on the Rise
Know What Your Miranda Rights Mean
Identity Theft Ring Busted
How to Know if You Are the Cause of Road Rage
Identity Theft Basics
Lesser Known Online Crimes
You May Have a Claim for False Arrest
Misdemeanor vs. Felony Assault is Not Always About A Gun
Hate Crimes in Florida
You Have Been Arrested: Now What?
Job Applications and a Criminal Record
Know Your Rights After an Arrest
Domestic Abuse Allegations and the Consequences
When Do I Have to Disclose My Identity to the Police
How Much Do You Know About Bail?
How a Federal Charge Differs from a State or Local Charge
Do You Really Know What Kidnapping Is?
The Most Common White Collar Crimes
Murder vs. Manslaughter
What Exactly is Rohypnol?
When Does a Car Accident Become Criminal?
What You Need to Know About Carjacking in Florida
What You Need to Know About Bail
What To Do When the Police Are At Your Door
Handling Your Criminal Charges When You’re Innocent
Handling a Family Member’s Arrest
How to Behave If You Are Arrested
Don’t Be Disorderly in Florida
How Can an Attorney Help at an Arraignment?
Can I Get a Plea Deal?
Can I Represent Myself At an Arraignment?
Can My Car Legally Be Searched?
When Can the Police Search Your Vehicle?
Can Police Use Cell Phone Data Against Me?
Can I Refuse to Have My Car Searched?
Community Service After a Tampa DUI
Dealing with a Restraining Order
What Not to Do After an Arrest
What Happens When You Are Given Community Service?
Do I have to take a breathalyzer test?
How many DUIs can you have before you lose your license?
Can you get a DUI removed from your record?
How long does it take to complete a DUI course in Florida?
When is clinical evaluation necessary for DUI?
Do I have to disclose a DUI to my employer?
When does a DUI go off your record?
Do you go to jail for DUI?
What are the conditions of probation for DUI?
What is The Best Way to Fight DUI Charges?
Mistakes Were Made on My DUI Police Report – Will the Charges be Dropped?
Should I Submit to a Breathalyzer Test?
Was I Arrested Legally for DUI?
How Does the Florida Traffic Violation Point System Work?
Do I Need a Lawyer for a DUI?
Are DUI Charges More Common Around the Holidays?
Can I Fight and Win against DUI Charges?
What Happens After a DUI Arrest?
Should I Pay a Traffic Ticket or Go to Court?
I Wasn’t Read My Rights – Will DUI Charges Stick?
What Are the Florida DUI Laws?
I Got a DUI – What Should I Do?
Is DUI a Criminal Charge?
Will My Insurance Go Up After a DUI?
Should I Take A Breath Test?
How Can I Get My Driver’s License Back after a DUI?
I Got a DUI – How Soon Should I Get an Attorney?
Can I Drive After Getting a DUI?
What is an Extreme DUI?
What is an Ignition Interlock Device?
Can I Drive After a DUI Arrest?
DUI Field Sobriety Tests
Should I Admit to Drinking If Stopped for DUI?
DUI Limits in Florida
What is an Enhanced DUI?
What Are Field Sobriety Tests?
What Happens on a DUI Stop?
What Happens After a DUI Accident?
Will I Be Put in Jail for DUI?
Can I Get a Plea Deal in a DUI Case?
Should I Plead Guilty to DUI?
How Does the Breathalyzer Test Work?
What Can I Expect in a DUI Stop?
If I Get a DUI Will I Lose My License?
What Type of DUI Tests Are Used by Law Enforcement?
Will I Lose My License After a DUI?
Should I Fight DUI Charges?
Are DUI Breath Tests Reliable?
What is an Underage DUI?
My License Was Suspended – Can I Get It Back?
DUI Manslaughter is Difficult to Fight. Get Help!
What Happens If I Don’t Pass Field Sobriety Tests?
When You Can’t Get Out, Call a Lawyer Immediately
Don’t Drive while Taking Certain Prescription Medications
How Can I Avoid a DUI Conviction?
DUI Checkpoints – Are They Legal?
What are Zero Tolerance and DUI Laws for Under Age Drivers?
Are a DUI and Impaired Driving the Same Thing?
Can I Regain My Driving Privileges After a DUI?
What Are Sobriety Checkpoints?
What Are Field Sobriety Tests?
DUI Checkpoints – Do I Have To Stop?
Should I Submit to DUI Tests?
What is a DUI Ignition Locking Device?
Is It Possible to Fight DUI Charges?
What Happens If I Don’t Pass Field Sobriety Tests?
What is the Legal Drinking Limit in Florida?
Are Breathalyzer Tests Accurate?
Do I Have to Take DUI Tests?
Do I Have to Stop at a DUI Checkpoint?
How Should I Plead to DUI Charges?
Do I Have to Submit to a Breath Test?
Are DUI Stops More Frequent Around the Holidays?
How Can I Avoid a DUI?
DUI Checkpoints: A Warrant Can Inhibit Your Refusal
Can I Get Into in the Pretrial Diversion Program?
Does Florida Have Implied Consent for DUI Testing?
DUI Counterattack in Tampa
Can I Defend Myself in a DUI Case?
What Does Zero Tolerance Mean?
When DUI Turns to Manslaughter
What is Impaired Driving?
Can I Trick a Breathalyzer in Tampa?
Must I Submit to DUI Tests?
Should I Seek a Plea Deal?
How Soon Should I Get an Attorney After A DUI?
What BAC Really Means
Can I Fight DUI Charges?
Must I Take Field Sobriety Tests?
DUI Set-Up Trial Underway
DUI Convictions Have Long-Term Consequences
Drinking and Driving Numbers by State
Florida’s Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking and Driving
How to Avoid a DUI
How Ignition Interlock Devices Work
Is Driving High the Same as Driving Drunk?
Just How Dangerous is Driving Stoned?
Five Realities of a Drunk Driving Conviction
First Steps for a DUI
Legal Effects of Blood Alcohol Content
Defense Against Blood Tests
Breath Tests / Breathalyzer Testing
How to Challenge DUI Evidence
Legality of DUI Checkpoints
Penalties for a DUI
Orlando Multiple DUI Attorney
Guns Equate to Fewer Violent Crimes
What Works to Reduce Gun Crime?
Where Gun Violence in the U.S. Prevails
Gun Regulation in the 2nd Amendment
Gun Crimes: Florida’s Cities Ranked
Gun Rights Restored for Non-Violent Felons
Handling Your Concealed Weapon on a Traffic Stop
Gun Facts Everyone Should Know
Five Nuances of the Second Amendment
Florida Concealed Carry FAQ
Owning a Gun in Florida Legally
What is the difference between a dismissal and an expungement?
Can I Get My Criminal Record Expunged?
Can I Get My Criminal Record Sealed or Expunged?
Expungement for Juveniles May Get Easier in Florida

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