What happens when there has been a history of domestic abuse between you and your spouse, one which has been meticulously recorded by the local jurisdiction of the police department?  What happens when the final breaking point is reached?

That may be just the case for a pre-K special education teacher who is facing charges for second-degree murder and domestic aggravated battery charges.  Her husband was found dead, and she is the most likely candidate.

The couple stayed away from the neighbors, as they didn’t know them very well.  They were under the privacy and secrecy of their own home, and there’s a chance that nobody knew about the abuse that was happening in the household.

Names were not released for the man who was killed.  Apparently, according to police, there was, “A history of domestic violence.” There were several details omitted from the story that was reported in the media, and those omitted details may be influential in determining the outcome of the case.

It is still developing as the lady is being held in Orange County Jail without bond.

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