Credit: Colin BrownPolice are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. The more suspicious you look, the harder it can be for defense lawyers to successfully fight for you in court. It is not possible to get every case dropped in favor of the defendant. The role of the defense lawyer in those sorts of cases is to soften the sentence as much as possible and to help the defendant get their affairs in order.

The defense lawyer for this suspect in Orlando might be put into this situation. According to the news story it was a classic bank robbery. The suspect allegedly robbed the Wells Fargo bank, changed clothing, and then waited for the bus. A deputy recognized the man and caught him before he went too far. All of the money was recovered.

Even in cases where everything seem absolutely cut-and-dry, suspects still have the right to due process and be represented in the court by a competent lawyer. Getting legal representation as soon as possible is the best way to help yourself if you have been arrested for a criminal charge. We know the legal process inside and out, and can use tactics you may not know about. Call our law offices today if you need legal representation in the state of Florida, especially if you live near Tampa or Orlando.