Credit: Michael GilIf you are ever involved in a car accident, the most important thing you can do is to stay at the scene. Even if an accident was not your fault, if you run away you will be the one charged with a hit-and-run. You can even be charged if the other vehicle was doing something illegal at the time.

One case like this happened on December 6th in Orlando. A black Mercedes was seen fleeing after striking a bicycle that was crossing the road illegally at 3:20 AM. It happened on State Route 50. Two teens were on the bicycle. One is now dead and the other is critically injured. Authorities are looking for the Mercedes, which likely has extensive damage.

If the driver had stayed at the scene and talked with the police, the consequences for them would probably be fairly minor. It was very early in the morning, a time when you don’t expect cyclists to be around. They also crossed illegally. A very good cause could have been made that this was just a tragic accident. Unfortunately for this driver, they ran, and now they’re a suspect.

Again, if you get in a car accident stay on the scene and give your report! If you fear being arrested for what happened, know that there are people willing to fight on your behalf. Call the law offices of Katz & Phillips if you have been charged with a vehicular crime. We can help.