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Fraud is a legal basket that holds many different white collar crimes. White collar crimes are no less dangerous because they are intellectual offenses as opposed to those involving violence. They harm victims, and Florida prosecutors take them seriously. Offenses involving fraud are those where a victim is deliberately and intentionally mislead, either by an outright lie or a lie of omission. The misinformation usually pertains to a fact, rather than a promise. The lie is material, meaning the victim made a decision or took an action because he believed the information given to him true. Fraud can involve credit cards, the Internet, or the postal service. It includes forgery, embezzlement and racketeering.

Why You Need an Orlando Fraud Attorney

If you have been charged with fraud crime, the prosecutor will do everything in his power to convince a jury that you deceived the victim for monetary gain. If you have already been charged, the state of Florida most likely already has a great deal of evidence against you. Unlike some crimes, such as DUI, arrests for fraud do not generally occur because a law enforcement official caught you in the act. They are the result of months of intensive investigation. Fraud is not a charge you should think of defending on your own. Your defense must be as in-depth as the case against you. You need an attorney who will prepare your defense as meticulously as the prosecution will prepare the state’s evidence.

If you have not been charged yet, but you believe an arrest might be imminent, call the attorneys at Katz & Phillips so we can get to work on your behalf immediately. If you have been charged, it is not too late for us to make a difference. We will aggressively build a case that can make a difference between the worst penalties or reduced charges, and possibly even dismissal of the charges against you.


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