Lawyers around the nation do their best to defend their clients. We all have the right to representation in the courts. Sadly, sometimes the evidence is so heavy that there is little a lawyer can to do help. One such incident happened in Volusia County.

Gregory Gentle was in the Volusia County court house for another case. When a deputy came out of the courtroom to call Gentle in, he attacked the officer. The entire incident was caught on courthouse cameras. The officer was punched in the face, giving him a broken jaw bone and several broken teeth. The deputy’s thumb was also broken.

It took the jury only 27 minutes to decide that Gentle was guilty of aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer. However, they did not charge him with resisting arrest. Gentle could get up to 30 years in prison for the assault.

Even in seemingly hopeless cases, a lawyer can help you do many things. If you are sentenced to prison, a lawyer can help you get all of your affairs in order before you go jail. Even simple things like getting your revolving bills turned off can be impossible to do from a jail cell. Attorneys have the power to act on behalf of their clients so that everything is wrapped up before a sentence is served.

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