A DUI is a serious charge and a conviction comes with harsh penalties. If you have recently been charged with DUI and have had your license taken away, you may wonder whether it’s possible to continue driving until your case goes to court. No matter what your situation, there are steps you can take to get to be able to drive again. Florida law states that you are allowed to drive for a period of ten days after receiving a DUI. If you received a citation you will be able to drive with that for only ten days. After this period of time, your license is temporarily suspended until the result of your court case is determined.

Florida HSMV

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle department is responsible for overseeing the administration of your driver’s license. If you’ve recently been charged with DUI it is important to know that you have a ten day period to contact FHSMV to request a hearing. If you don’t request a hearing within the specified ten days after your arrest you will have waived your right to one. The hearing is your only method of potentially recovering your driving privileges until your court date.  If you want to be able to drive you’ll need to appear at a hearing. Your attorney will be able to represent you and will fight to get at least limited driving privileges back.

Getting Your License Back

If your driver’s license was suspended as the result of a DUI charge you’ll be provided with a court date. The court case is a separate function from the initial DMV hearing. An attorney will often be able to get your license reinstated. If not, another hearing may be requested to try to get temporary driving privileges. For example, if you need your driver’s license to get back and forth to your job the DMV may grant you temporary restricted driving privileges due to hardship. A hardship license, as it’s sometimes called, allows you to drive only during certain times or to specified locations because of your need.

Length of Driver’s License Suspension

The initial length of suspension of your license will typically be up to 90 days. If you are found guilty of DUI during your court case there are some mandatory driver’s license suspension periods that will take effect. If this is your first DUI you will likely have your license suspended for a period of 180 days. A subsequent DUI conviction can suspend your license for a year. Refusal to submit to a breath or urine test will suspend your license for a period of a year. If the DUI was excessive or if you were involved in an accident with injuries, the suspension time may be increased.

What To Do If Your Driver’s License is Suspended

The first thing to do is consult with an experienced DUI attorney. Your lawyer will review your case to determine the best way to proceed. If possible, your lawyer will request a hardship license. This will require an application process. It’s essential to choose a lawyer who focuses on handling Florida DUI cases. Your attorney will know and understand the ever fluctuating laws that govern DUI. He will work to resolve your situation and protect your rights to get the best possible result. Remember that every case is different and an experienced lawyer will be able to strategize to get the results you want.