Gun Facts Everyone Should Know

No matter which side of the gun control debate you stand on, stricter control or maintenance of rights, chances are that you have facts on your side. Or do you? Many people think that they have facts to back up their opinions, but some of the things that people tout as fact have merely been perpetuated as such.

In a country that is waging war against itself when it comes to the Second Amendment, knowing the truth can either support your current opinion or change it. Here are the facts as they currently stand:

1. Even though gun sales have skyrocketed over the past 20 years, homicides by firearm are down 39%. Crimes labeled as “other,” committed with the aid of a firearm, are down by 69%.

2. Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy released a study on guns and crime. Nations whose people own guns tend to have a lower instance of crime.

3. In Europe, the nine nations that have a combined highest rate of gun ownership have the lowest rate of crime. The nine with the lowest rate of gun ownership? The highest combined rate of crime.

4. The majority of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States have taken place in states with strict gun control laws.

5. Since 1992, both the murder rate and the violent crime rate in the United States have fallen.

6. According to reports, close to 200,000 women in America use a gun to defend themselves against sexual assault each year.

7. Accidental death by firearm fell by 58% from 1991 to 2011 in the United States.

8. The United Kingdom has very strict gun control laws. Despite this, the rate of violent crime in that country is about four times higher than that in America.

9. Once a gun ban was instituted in Australia, murders by gun increased by 19% and armed robberies by 69%.

10. In Kennesaw, Georgia, a law was passed requiring every home to have a gun. There was an 89% decline in burglaries, and a 50% overall drop in crime rate over the next 23 years.

Did any of these facts surprise you? They should. You won’t find them in any gun control manual or article advocating stricter gun laws. You won’t find these facts on the evening news or in your local paper. More often, what you will find are emotionally charged news clips designed to bring people to the side of gun control.

Owning a firearm is your Second Amendment right. Don’t sit idly by and let that right be taken away. The facts are on your side.

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