Can I Drive After Getting a DUI?

A DUI can be a scary experience and one that can be confusing. If you are charged with DUI in Florida it is typically part of a traffic stop for another reason. Often this may be because of speeding, failure to stop at a stop sign, or failing to use your signals. Once you are stopped for a traffic violation the police office may feel that you are driving under the influence. The officer may ask if you’ve been drinking, and may request that you perform some roadside sobriety tests. These tests may include such things as walking a straight line, reciting the alphabet, or touching your finger to your nose. These tests are completed as a way to decide whether to proceed with a DUI charge. While you can refuse to take such tests, you will also be asked to submit to a breath test.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest?

If you are charged with DUI you’ll be arrested. The police officer will ask you to take a breath, blood, or urine test either at the location of the traffic stop or at the police station. Immediately upon your arrest your driver’s license will be temporarily suspended. This suspension will be effective within ten days of your arrest. Usually your license will be suspended until your case is resolved in court. What most people don’t understand is that the suspension of your driving privileges is controlled by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You can request a hearing regarding your driver’s license within ten days of your arrest. If you fail to request the hearing you will forfeit the hearing.

Driving After a DUI

In Florida, the legal limit is 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol content). This means that anything over that BAC is considered DUI. The penalties for DUI conviction vary based on many factors including whether this is your first DUI, the BAC level, and whether the DUI included an accident or injuries. The judge will determine the punishment, which will be within the guidelines for your particular offense. In some cases, a DUI conviction will include a temporary license suspension, jail time, and fines. Remember that a DUI arrest is NOT yet a conviction. An experienced DUI attorney will represent you at the initial hearing as well as throughout your case. Many times, your lawyer will be able to get temporary or restricted driving privileges for you so you can continue to work.

DUI Defense

Not every DUI arrest ends with conviction. You’ll want representation by a knowledgeable DUI attorney in your area. The sooner you call your attorney the better – especially in a DUI case. Your lawyer will immediately review every aspect of your case including the initial traffic stop, DUI testing, and arrest. Sometimes the case against you may not be strong enough or there may be problems with the way the breath test was administered or analyzed. It’s important to seek guidance from a DUI attorney who will work tirelessly to represent you and fight for your rights every step of the way.