If you were arrested in Florida you are probably frightened and unsure about what to do. One of the best things you can do to help yourself is to obtain an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You will almost always achieve a better result with the help of an attorney. This is especially true if you get your attorney involved sooner rather than later.

After the Arrest

While being arrested is a difficult situation, you will need to keep your wits about you and take advantage of every opportunity to help yourself. Remember that an arrest will not necessarily harm you unless you are found guilty of the offense. Immediately after your arrest you may be questioned. It is your right to have your attorney present during official police questioning. Your lawyer will assist and advise you to ensure that you do not say anything that will hurt you later on.

Legal Process

Following an arrest you will typically be arraigned. An arraignment is your first court appearance. The judge will provide you with your exact charges and will set bail at this time. The amount of bail is determined by the offense and is up to the discretion of the judge within certain parameters. Your attorney can be immensely helpful at this hearing. Your lawyer may be able to get some of your charges lowered or even dropped. Also, the attorney will work to get your bail reduced or eliminated so you can get out of jail.

Court Appearances

Your lawyer will represent you throughout the legal process and can be present at your court appearances. The attorney will review the case against you to provide a winning defense. With a strategy through a leading attorney you will get the best possible outcome.