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If you are facing arrest on federal charges, as opposed to charges in the state of Florida, not every attorney can help you. Representation in federal court requires special licensing and a level of experience different from that required by the state court system. When you are up against a federal charge, you are facing some of the greatest minds the United States government has to offer, from U.S. attorneys to government agencies. Therefore, you need an attorney who is even better. You need the law firm of Katz & Phillips. We have successfully negotiating the legal labyrinth of the federal court system before. We are not intimidated by the clout of the United States government. We will tackle it on your behalf and defend your rights zealously, whether you are charged with tax evasion, counterfeiting, terrorism or treason.

Penalties rise exponentially when you are convicted of a federal crime. Prison terms are usually longer. Fines can reach many thousands of dollars. You could be placed under house arrest. If you are not a United States citizen, you could be deported. At the very least, you will serve community service, face probation or parole issues, and have to live with a serious mark on your criminal record that will not ever go away. You need an experienced defender against these serious consequences.

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You can risk felony prosecution if you even commit a small infraction against the law, if it occurs on federal property. For example, a DUI on federal property is worse than if it occurs on any Florida-owned street. But many other crimes are the exclusive domain of the United States justice system. They include abductions, hate crimes, anti-trust violations, internet crimes, espionage, drug trafficking and bank robbery. The repercussions match the seriousness of the offenses. If you are convicted, it will change the rest of your life. You need an attorney with extensive success and experience at defending clients against the federal government. You need the attorneys at Katz & Phillips.

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