a hundred visions and revisions via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseMost of us like participate in exercise and it is not uncommon to see people exercising out in public.  Running, walking, bike-riding are commonly observed.   However, one woman in North Florida went just a bit too far.

Fifty-one-year-old Michele Cernak was accused of undressing and doing yoga in the middle of a North Florida street.  Upon her arrest, Cernak was found in her underwear with per pants around her ankles in a yoga pose.  A search found both heroin and drug paraphernalia on her person.

Cernak admitted to police that she was buying and using heroin.  This was the worst thing she could have done is such a situation.  Although honesty is best in most situations, some situations require protection of yourself.  In this situation, saying nothing and asking for an attorney is the better route.

Heroin is such a huge problem across the United States.  The Florida streets are no exception.  Because of the quick addiction associated with heroin use there are many addicts on the street that need help.  The need is greater than the resources for help in most regions.  Heroin addicts are being put in jail instead of rehabilitation so instead of helping to solve the problem, often times the justice system makes the problem worse.

Drug possession is a serious offense.  It requires possession without making, distributing or selling the substance.  In other words, it was for personal use.  Unfortunately, most possession charges are at least a third degree felony.  In Florida, there are certain things a prosecutor must do to prove that possession of the controlled substance was illegal.  Scientific analysis through a lab, the defendant knowing what the substance was and that it was illegal is also something that must be proved.

A good criminal defense attorney understands that these charges are serious and can work to build a solid defense.  Through investigation, a criminal attorney can make sure the evidence was obtained legally and is actually admissible.

If convicted on possession charges, a Defendant is facing up to five to fifteen years in prison depending on the degree of the felony.  Fines can reach as much as $10,000.

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