Credit: Ben BabcockSex crimes have some of the highest emotional charge out of any other type of crime. The State of Florida takes sex crimes charges extremely seriously. It is very important that you know your rights if you have been accused of a sex crime, and to get immediate legal counsel on your side.

Most sex crime cases come down to issues of consent. Did both parties fully agree to have sex before the encounter happened? Drugs, alcohol, and other factors can play a major role in determining whether consent was given. According to this news story, one man is now under arrest for sexual battery after trying to have sex with a sleeping woman. The two had gone out to drink the night before and fell asleep in the bed. The woman awoke to the man trying to have sex with her. Even worse, the woman’s two children were also asleep in the same bed.

The man admitted to doing this to police, and is now in jail. We do not know if this man had a lawyer to advise him during the interview proceedings, but things could have potentially gone differently. The law is going to get a suspect to confess. A lawyer will help you know your legal options so you can fight back.

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