A couple from Minnesota has been arrested in Florida on charges of welfare fraud.

Investigators allege that the two had been residing in luxury residences, owned a yacht and took in more than $160,000 in fraudulent welfare payments.

Colin Chisholm III, 62 and his wife, Andrea Chisholm were being held after having been deported from the Bahamas and landing near Fort Lauderdale. The Chisolm’s son and their dog were released by authorities to members of the family.

The couple have been charged with one count of wrongfully obtaining public assistance; a felony which carries a $35,000 fine.

The Chisolms are set to appear in extradition court but it is unknown whether they will attempt to fight extradition.

It is no secret that any sort of welfare fraud is aggressively prosecuted in the United States. State and federal authorities place lengthy prison sentences and exact heavy fines and penalties on those found guilty of the crime of welfare fraud.

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