If you are under the age of 21, listen up: Florida is a “zero-tolerance” state. Keep that in mind as you head out to celebrate the New Year this week. Zero tolerance means that if you are pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence, you will be asked to take a blood alcohol concentration test. If you register higher than a .02, you will be arrested for DUI.

Because statistics show that underage drinking and alcohol-related deaths are closely related, the state has taken a firm stance on the crime. Not only can you be charged with DUI but, if you are convicted, the penalties can be severe.


The first time you are convicted of driving under the influence, you will have your license taken away from you for six months. If you have a BAC level of more than .05 percent, plan on losing your license for longer. If you have a BAC level of more than .08 percent, you could be facing hefty fines and jail time.

The second time you are convicted, you will lose your license for a year. You will also be facing jail time not to exceed 12 months. The fines you will be forced to pay can range between $1,000 and $4,000.

Not only will you face immediate consequences, but you will face issues in the future. You can expect your insurance premiums to rise, you may find it difficult to get accepted into college and you may even find it difficult to secure employment. An underage DUI conviction should be taken very seriously.

Remember that just because you are charged with driving under the influence does not necessarily mean that you are facing a conviction. If you are charged with underage driving under the influence in Orlando, you need an expert attorney on your side. Do not attempt to fight your charges on your own. A conviction can have lifelong consequences that you are not prepared to deal with.

If you are arrested for and charged with DUI this holiday season, reach out to our experienced DUI defense team today. Our attorneys have years of experience in the local court system defending people just like you. When you phone us, we will provide a consultation to you free of charge. Let us advise you how to go forward as you fight to defend yourself against the charges you are facing. Call now.

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