shutterstock_131903288It’s a scenario that no one wants to deal with. You are sitting, minding your own business and the police come knocking on your door. What do you do? You’re frightened and don’t want to answer, but you are also worried that you could be breaking the law by ignoring them. While each case and every reason for a visit from the police differs, there are general ways in which you should behave when the police are at your door.

Don’t Let Them In

First of all, you want to verify that it is indeed the police at your door. You have multiple options when it comes to how you handle the police at your front door if you don’t want them in your house. You may speak with officers through the door, you can greet them outside by exiting through a different door, or you can decline to answer the door at all.

The Reason

Why are the police there? You can ask how you may help them and wait for an answer. The police may be responding to some type of complaint, or they may be inquiring about a crime that occurred in your neighborhood. In some cases, they may be suspicious of criminal activity inside your home. If this is the case, you can decline entry and tell them you will not let them in without a search warrant. You should then contact an attorney.

Friends and Family

You don’t have to be home for the police to be welcome inside. If you have any thoughts that the police may be paying you a visit, make sure that friends and family are aware of their right to refuse law enforcement entry into your home. Once invited in, the police are legally permitted in your home, no matter who issues the invitation.

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