You have a concealed carry permit in accordance with your Second Amendment rights. You are a responsible gun owner, and you follow the letter of the law. With all of that said, do you know how to handle yourself should you be pulled over by the police while carrying your weapon?

While the strict, no-nonsense answer depends on the state in which you live, there are tips to follow that appeal to simple common sense no matter where you are pulled over.

When you are pulled over for a traffic violation, whether real or perceived, keep in mind that the officer approaching your vehicle has no idea what he or she is walking into. Every officer wearing a shield has training reminding them that every traffic stop can be their last. As a concealed weapon permit holder, keeping the stop safe for you and the officer is a great responsibility.

The first thing to do is to roll your window down and place both hands on the steering wheel. If you are pulled over at night, turn on your vehicle’s interior light before placing your hands on the wheel. Do not dig in your purse, glove box, or center console for anything until you are asked to do so.

Remain seated in your car. Resist the urge to get out of your vehicle and approach the officer. As soon as the officer approaches your window, you will be given specific instructions. Follow them and, if you don’t understand them, ask for clarification before you move.

When asked for your identification, tell the officer where it is and, at this time, explain that you are a permit holder. If there is a weapon in your vehicle or on your person, tell the officer where it is. The officer may ask you to show your weapon or may ask you to simply keep it where it is. Follow the instructions you are given.

By following these guidelines as well as any specifically set forth by the state you are traveling in, you and the officer will both pull away from the traffic stop safely. Remember that any issues you have with the officer can be taken up with a supervisor at a later time. The traffic stop is not the best opportunity to argue any points that you have.

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