Timothy WysockiDUI manslaughter is a charge that is laid on people who drink and drive then kill someone. A case in Tampa last October shows what happens in a typical situation when this happens. According to police, Timothy Wysocki, a 25-year-old from Clearwater, ran a red light and struck a Corolla carrying two older passengers.

When police got to the scene, one of the passengers in the Corolla was dead. Police immediately went to question Wysocki, who according to them showed signs of alcohol impairment. We don’t know whether or now Wysocki refused a Breathalyzer test, but he was taken to Tampa General Hospital to undergo a forced blood draw. This is a more accurate procedure than breath tests, and is sometimes used when people refuse a breath test.

After undergoing the procedure he was put into jail with no bond. Police did not say whether Wysocki or the other passenger was injured in the crash.

If the police believe that someone caused a deadly accident because of the influence of alcohol, they will take measures to prove it. This is extremely powerful evidence, and can play a major factor in criminal proceedings and any future civil cases. That’s why it is important to have a DUI lawyer on your side to examine whether everything was done in accordance with the law. We can help you avoid serious jail time and legal fines. Katz & Philips is ready to help you if you have been accused of DUI.