Floridians know that they have the right to carry a concealed weapon throughout the state. This knowledge does not mean that the state’s citizens don’t have questions about what that right entails. Here are the answers to the questions people ask most frequently about concealed carry laws in Florida.

What are the qualifications for concealed carry?

Anyone in the state of Florida who is a legal citizen of the United States can carry a firearm if they meet these qualifications: They are at least 21 years of age, not a convicted felon, they do not suffer from a disability, as defined by law, which renders them unable to carry a firearm, and they are not chronically addicted to alcohol.

How long is a permit valid for?

Once obtained, a concealed carry permit is valid for seven years.

Where should the permit be kept?

If you have a concealed carry permit, it should be kept on your person at all times. This may mean in your wallet or purse. This is especially true if you are carrying your weapon.

Can a weapon be carried openly?

According to statute 790.053, it is prohibited for “…any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm.” You are permitted to show someone your firearm briefly, but you are not permitted to walk down the street holding it in plain sight.

Are there places that concealed weapons are not permitted?

In the state of Florida, there is a fairly long list as to where you are not permitted to carry your weapon. These include, a place of nuisance, any law enforcement station, any detention facility, a courthouse, a polling place, and at a public, governmental meeting. Guns are also prohibited at schools, career centers, establishments that serve alcohol, airports, and anywhere else that federal law prohibits concealed firearms.

Do people need to have a permit to carry a weapon?

Not in all cases, no. If you are using a weapon for target shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, or in your home, you do not need a concealed carry permit.

Where should a gun be kept in the car?

If you are keeping a gun in your car, carry it properly. Your gun must be kept in the glove box, in a holster, in a gun case, or in a closed box with a lid or cover. If not locked in such a way, the weapon may not be in easy reach. This means storing it in your trunk is acceptable.

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