If you have been convicted of a DUI in Tampa, you may find yourself ordered to complete community service. While your attorney can assist you in fulfilling the terms of the order, you may be more inclined to take care of things on your own.

It is important to understand that no company or organization is required by law to allow you to complete community service within their walls. There are several organizations, however, that welcome those volunteers who may be completing service that is more ordered than voluntary.

Here are the basics of finding and completing your community service.

Getting Started

In all but the fewest cases, your service will have to be completed at a nonprofit organization that is registered with the state of Florida. You will also have to get the location approved by the court or your probation officer before your first day. Your attorney or probation officer can give you a detailed list of regulations when it comes to community service.

Making Contact

Do not jump into a conversation with a volunteer coordinator telling them that you have been ordered to complete service. Instead, simply tell them that you would like to volunteer with their agency and that you will need documents completed with regards to the amount of hours you complete.

If you are asked to fill out any forms or are asked why you want to volunteer, it is at that time that you should admit to having to complete community service. You should also have a great answer ready as to why you chose that particular organization.

Do Not Wait

Do not wait until the last minute to find an opportunity. Call several weeks in advance to secure a position. Waiting for any length of time could mean that all of the volunteer positions at your chosen organization have been taken.

You Can Get Fired

Keep in mind that you can be let go from a volunteer position even though you aren’t getting paid. Be on your best behavior, and treat the opportunity as you would a paying job. If you are let go, you will have to report that information to the court and may find yourself facing sanctions.

If you have been ordered to complete community service, be sure that you are 100% clear on the rules and regulations of the program. If you have any questions about volunteering, speak to your attorney or probation officer immediately. Community service benefits you and the organization you volunteer with. Approach it with the right attitude and you may be surprised at what you gain.

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