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No matter how much love we put into raising our children and how much we try to teach them right from wrong, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s the downside of youth — making judgments they might not make when they’re older. As parents, you want to be there for them and do everything you can to make things right for them again. If your child has been arrested or accused of a crime, one of the first, best things you can do for him or her is find an experienced, compassionate attorney who knows the ins and outs of Florida’s juvenile justice system.

Juvenile court is an entity all to itself, so choosing just any attorney won’t do. If you select a lawyer who is more familiar with adult court, you may be doing your child a grave disservice. Just because an attorney excels in adult court, it does not necessarily follow that he will do as well in juvenile court. Adult court is punitive; it metes out justice. Juvenile court does the same, but with a different approach. The focus is on understanding that kids are sometimes just kids, and with the right guidance, education and rehabilitation, maybe they won’t make the same mistakes again.

Choose the Orlando Juvenile Defense Attorneys at Katz & Phillips

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips agree, and we’ve made it a point over the years to master the intricacies of Florida’s juvenile court system. You’ve probably got a million questions at a time like this, and we have the answers. If you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll sit down with you and your child to analyze the charges against him or her. We’ll tell you – honestly – whether or not your child is likely to spend time in a juvenile detention facility or jail. Jail is a possibility, depending on your child’s age and the seriousness of the offense. But we won’t know if he or she is facing this in his future until we talk to you and fully understand the charges. After we answer your questions, we’ll discuss your child’s best options for moving forward. What is his possible defense? Were there any mitigating circumstances to the crime? What were they and how can we use them to minimize the damage to his or her life so this incident doesn’t haunt him or her well into his adult years?

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips know that having your child take a misstep and get into trouble with the law can be a heartbreaking thing. But we’re here to help and to make sure that, whenever possible, this doesn’t have to affect college opportunities, work opportunities and the social aspects of life as an adult. We’ll treat your child’s problem as if he or she were our own, and we’ll do everything we can to help him or her overcome this challenge in the most positive way possible.