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You experienced a brush with the law and were lucky enough to not be incarcerated and only received a probationary sentence. In exchange for your freedom, you promised to obey certain rules for the duration of your probation. You most likely have to report in to your probation officer at least once a month. You probably agreed to pay a fine, and maybe restitution for your crime. You were instructed not to drink alcohol or use drugs, and to stay clear of anyone else with a criminal record. Above all, you were told you cannot be charged with an additional crime at any point during your probation.

If you have made a mistake and neglected to do any of these things as you promised, you could be in a great deal of trouble. At a minimum, you may have to serve the complete sentence for your initial conviction. Your probation will be at least temporarily revoked and you could go to jail. If you do receive another probationary sentence, the rules will probably be even more strict than they were the first time.

When In Doubt, Get an Orlando Probation Violation Attorney

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips have a great deal of experience dealing with issues of probation violation. We know that sometimes things can happen, things that are out of your control. We are here for you, to make sure that such a mistake does not result in you going to jail, potentially for a very long time. You have certain rights. You cannot be sent to jail without a hearing. If you face this hearing on your own and try to explain to the judge what went wrong, the worst might occur. However, if you have an experienced criminal defense attorney to argue your case for you, you stand an excellent chance of faring much better. Your mistake does not have to ruin the next several years of your life. Call the attorneys at Katz & Phillips right away. We will do everything we can to ensure that you remain on probation and not behind bars. We will use every resource to make sure the terms of your probation stay the same and do not become so difficult as to put an undue burden on your life.


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