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Field sobriety tests are the first thing a police office generally asks you to submit to if you are pulled over and the officer believes you are drunk. You can, and should, generally decline these tests as they are subjective and are usually used to try and get reasonable cause for a breathalyzer and an arrest. If you have taken the tests and police claim you failed, you can still fight DUI charges if you are arrested.

A Hillsborough County lawyer is going to help you try to keep the evidence collected in these tests out of court or undermine these and other evidence a prosecutor presents. If you can just make the jury doubt whether you drove drunk, you should not be found guilty.

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At Florida DUI Law Firm, our attorneys are focused on drunk driving defense. We have extensive experience not just defending clients, but also working as former assistant state’s attorneys and INTOXILYZER experts.  We know and understand how to build effective DUI defenses for clients and we will work hard on your case every step of the way to try and get you the best outcome possible.

Field Sobriety Tests and DUI Charges

There are many different field sobriety tests you may be asked to undergo including a test where you follow a penlight with your eyes or a test where you are asked to walk heel-to-toe.

There are plenty of reasons why you may fail these tests even if you are sober, such as a medical condition or simply not being very coordinated.  Even determining whether you passed or failed the field sobriety test can be difficult, and law enforcement officers may not be properly trained on how to determine if your test showed intoxication or not.

Because of the myriad problems with the accuracy of field tests, they are not very good evidence in DUI cases. Your Hillsborough County defenses against field sobriety tests lawyer can help you get the evidence from the tests kept from being used at all if the traffic stop was illegal or if there was no probable cause to ask you to take the tests. Even when the evidence is presented by a prosecutor, your attorney will work hard to help make the jury doubt whether the tests should be used as credible evidence that you were too drunk to drive.

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A Hillsborough County defenses against field sobriety tests lawyer can provide invaluable advice in how to make a jury doubt the results of field tests, breath tests, and other DUI evidence. Call an attorney for help as soon as possible so you can begin working to undermine the prosecutor’s case and avoid conviction. Florida DUI Law Firm is available all day every day. We are standing by and ready to help you with your DUI case.


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