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If police suspect you are driving while impaired, you may be asked to take a blood test. When your blood test shows substances in your body, you may be worried that there is no way for you to defend yourself against the DUI charges in Hillsborough County. In fact, there are options available to you even when blood tests reveal drugs or alcohol in your system.

At Florida DUI Law Firm, our attorneys are members of the National College of DUI Defense and are former assistant state attorneys who know how prosecutors work on DUI cases.  We can help you fight charges and avoid conviction even in situations where you may have a blood test showing you were above-the-limit.  Give us a call as soon as you can after you are arrested so our Hillsborough County lawyers can start working on your defense.

How a Defense Against Blood Tests Attorney Can Help After a Hillsborough County Arrest

You have several different options in situations where your blood tests showed you had alcohol or drugs in your system while driving:

  • You can argue you were not impaired. This may be a viable defense if you had low amounts of drugs or alcohol in your system, especially if the drugs were prescription medications in therapeutic doses.
  • You can try to get evidence suppressed. If police asked you to submit to the blood tests without probable cause, or if they stopped your vehicle without justification, your constitutional rights may have been violated. Evidence collected in violation of the Fourth Amendment cannot be presented in court.
  • You can try to argue a problem with the blood test results. If the evidence was not handled properly according to protocol or if there was a possibility the sample was contaminated, you can make the jury doubt that the blood test should be trusted. The prosecutor has to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt for you to be convicted.

Every case is different and the best approach to take when faced with blood tests showing impairment is going to vary depending upon your circumstances. A lawyer in Hillsborough County can help you tailor a defense to the specifics of your situation.

Getting Help From a Defense Against Blood Tests Law Firm in Hillsborough

When you need a DUI lawyer you can trust in Hillsborough County, Florida DUI Law Firm is here for you. We are available every day, 24 hours a day, so give us a call right away when police arrest you for driving impaired.