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Criminal charges should not be taken lightly. Whether it’s a minor crime or a serious felony offense, you need to make sure that you have a fighting chance in getting the outcome that you deserve. This is something serious that requires a professional solution, and retaining a Katz & Phillips lawyer will allow you develop an optimal defense. Consider us to be trusted advisors when a situation compels you to look for a Wekiwa Springs criminal lawyer.

Benefits of Legal Representation

When there are criminal charges against you, it can change your whole life. There is so much damage that can be done to your reputation, your daily life, your career, and so much more. Whether you’re actually guilty or being falsely accused, you deserve someone who’s on your side. With a Wekiwa Springs criminal attorney at Katz & Phillips, you will get:

  • Supportive legal representation that understands your needs
  • A reputable professional that knows Florida criminal law
  • A determination to scrutinize every aspect of the prosecutor’s case
  • A chance to explain your mistakes or prove your innocence

Former Prosecutors Guide Your Defense

Our founding partners, James Phillips and David Katz, started out as prosecutors – and they were quite good at their jobs. They are active participants in every case that our firm handles, and they can look at your situation from a prosecutorial perspective. That means we can usually spot weaknesses in our adversaries and plot your attack accordingly.

Shedding Light on Your Case

It’s important to learn about criminal law and the charges against you. Florida laws are different from other states and our Wekiwa Springs criminal defense attorneys will help you understand the different things that you need to know. Katz & Phillips litigators can help you become more informed and better prepared for your legal battles.

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At Katz & Phillips, we know what it takes to fight criminal cases with fire. We can do a comprehensive analysis of the evidence and question witnesses. We will reconstruct the events that led to your arrest and scrutinize police reports for inaccuracies. When you need legal representation from a criminal defense attorney, you can count on us. We’re here to help you understand your case and fight back against the charges you’re facing, no matter what those might be. Our practice has a separate team devoted exclusively to DUI defense in Wekiwa Springs.

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