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When you’re charged with a DUI, the entire process can be frightening, to say the least. In a state like Florida where driving under the influence isn’t tolerated, you will be arrested and charged with a DUI quickly, causing you to face a lot of legal problems that can affect your life. Hire a Tavares DUI lawyer so you don’t want to have to face this legal dilemma alone. A Katz & Phillips counselor can help you fight the charges.

Why You Need a Tavares DUI Attorney

There are a lot of different consequences for DUI in Florida. Some of them include:

  • License suspension/revocation
  • Jail time and/or fines
  • Driver education courses
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Vehicle impound or immobilization
  • Ignition interlock device

None of these are consequences that you want to deal with. That’s why you need a Tavares DUI attorney to help you fight your DUI case and get the best outcome, no matter what you have been charged with. That way, you can get back to your life and get past the stress of DUI charges sooner than later.

Don’t Let the Prosecutor Have All the Power

There are plenty of benefits to having a DUI lawyer in Tavares, but the fact that you get to work with someone who knows DUI law very well is definitely a plus. Your Katz & Phillips lawyer will always act with your best interests in mind. You don’t have to go through the Florida judicial meat grinder alone. The state has a decorated attorney arguing its stance; you should have the same benefit.

A Knowledgeable DUI Attorney in Tavares

When you hire a lawyer, you will also be able to learn about DUI law from them along the way. They can teach you about the legal process so that you know what to expect. They will also help you learn about DUI laws in Florida so that you know what you are up against. This kind of information is invaluable to giving you the peace of mind that you deserve with your DUI charges, no matter what you are facing. Count on your DUI attorney in Tavares for everything that you need, including an education in DUI laws and legal proceedings.

Contact Katz & Phillips as Your Tavares DUI Law Firm

Call the professionals at Katz & Phillips to discuss your DUI charges and find out how we can help. You can depend on us to vigorously defend you. Our criminal defense team(link to: /tavares-criminal-defense-attorney/) has dutifully represented other Central Floridians, and we can apply our accumulated litigation knowledge to your case. Call now to schedule a fee consultation:.