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Facing criminal charges or being subjected to a criminal investigation by law enforcement can be nerve-wracking. It can also change your life in many ways. When brought into the Florida criminal justice system, it is vital that you have the protection and guidance of a trusted St. Petersburg defense lawyer. Your future may be at stake and you may have little understanding of the criminal process and how to proceed to pursue an optimal outcome.

At such a time, your selection of an attorney to represent you is a crucial one. The quality of your representation could dramatically affect how your case plays out. If you are located in or around St. Petersburg, you can turn to Katz & Phillips, P.A. with confidence. We are known for our experienced and dedicated legal work in defending individuals in all types of criminal cases.

With two former prosecutors heading up our firm, we know how the other side will work in its efforts to convict you. This inside knowledge allows us to take steps to anticipate and counteract as well as to negotiate, seek diversion programs or potentially get charges reduced or dismissed. Your case will be handled by a respected firm that has achieved a “Superb” rating by Avvo, the top rating of AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, and that has been included in a National Showcase of Leading Criminal Defense Attorneys by Newsweek.

Cases We Handle

No matter what criminal accusations you are facing, you need a strong legal advocate as soon as possible who knows the system and how to strategize a viable defense. Our attorney team has considerable experience and training and is known for its tough and uncompromising approach to providing a staunch defense. We know how a conviction can negatively impact your life, in your ability to work or advance your career, to gain professional licenses, obtain credit, educational opportunities, and more. Federal criminal cases especially require an attorney who is well-versed in federal criminal procedure and federal sentencing guidelines and who is not intimidated by tough government prosecutors.

While we are known for our accomplished DUI defense work, our legal team handles other St. Petersburg criminal cases as well, including:

  • Federal crimes, such as drug trafficking, kidnapping, bank robbery, and more
  • Violent crimes, such as aggravated assault and battery, manslaughter, or murder
  • Drug crimes, from possession to distribution, sales, and trafficking
  • Theft crimes, from shoplifting to carjacking, burglary, and robbery
  • Sex crimes, such as indecent exposure, rape, sexual assault, child pornography, and prostitution
  • White collar crimes, such as fraud, bribery, money laundering, and identity theft
  • Domestic violence crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Weapons crimes
  • Probation violations
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Military crimes
  • Expungement and record-sealing

No matter how complex or intricate your case may appear to be, our team will work tirelessly to deliver a favorable result. We will conduct an intensive investigation that leaves no stone unturned and use all of our considerable resources on your behalf.

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When accused of a crime, you have the right to the best defense you can find. Our firm is here to protect your legal rights and ensure that everything that can be done to defend you is done thoroughly. With our understanding of Florida and federal law, our proven legal skills, and our committed approach to every individual we represent, we believe we are the best answer to your legal problem. Contact us to schedule a free consultation about your case today.