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Are you an out-of-state driver who has been arrested for DUI in Florida?  If so, you will need to consult an Orlando DUI attorney as soon as possible because out-of-state drivers arrested for DUI in Florida face different processes and consequences than in-state drivers.

DUI arrests can be very stressful, but even more so if it happens outside of your home state.  Because out-of-state DUI cases can be complex and difficult, you want to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who focuses on out-of-state DUI cases.

At Katz & Phillips, P.A., our experienced team of lawyers know how to work with out-of-state DUI charges and effectively represent clients so you can hopefully avoid any court appearances.

Impaired Driving Consequences Explained by an Out of State Drivers DUI Charges Attorney

As a member of the Interstate Drivers License Compact, Florida reports serious traffic violations to the driver’s home state where points and license suspension penalties can be assessed.  Although the State of Florida does not have authority to confiscate or suspend your out-of-state driver’s license, you may still face serious suspension-related penalties in your home state.

If you are convicted of criminal charges in the State of Florida, you may face imprisonment, heavy fines, and community service even though you reside in another state.

Exploring Legal Nuance With an Out of State Drivers DUI Charges Law Firm

When an out-of-state resident faces a DUI charge in Florida, the legal landscape changes considerably compared to what they might be accustomed to in their home state. Understanding these differences is crucial for a robust defense strategy. Here, we explore the key legal distinctions that out-of-state drivers should be aware of when dealing with a DUI case in Florida.

  1. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Limits and Testing Procedures

Florida enforces strict DUI laws, with the legal BAC limit set at 0.08% for drivers over 21 and lower limits for commercial drivers and those under 21. Out-of-state drivers should note that Florida’s methods for testing BAC, such as breathalyzer and blood tests, might differ in protocol or legal standing compared to their home state. Refusal to undergo a BAC test in Florida can lead to immediate license suspension, a consequence that can also be enforced in their home state due to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact.

  1. Implied Consent Law

Florida operates under an implied consent law, meaning that by driving on Florida roads, drivers consent to BAC testing if suspected of DUI. This might differ from consent laws in other states, and non-compliance in Florida can result in severe penalties, including an automatic suspension of driving privileges, which may carry over to the driver’s home state.

  1. License Suspension and the Interstate Driver’s License Compact

As a member of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, Florida shares DUI conviction information with most other states. This means that penalties such as license suspension can follow an out-of-state driver home. The handling of this information varies from state to state, but typically, the home state will impose its own penalties in addition to those from Florida.

  1. Variation in Penalties and Sentencing

Penalties for DUI convictions in Florida can be harsher compared to other states, with potential consequences including fines, community service, DUI school, vehicle impoundment, and even imprisonment. It’s important to understand that these penalties apply regardless of the driver’s state of residence and can have further-reaching implications upon their return home.

  1. Mandatory Appearance in Florida Courts

Out-of-state residents are generally required to appear in person for court proceedings in Florida. This can be logistically challenging and costly. However, an experienced Florida DUI attorney may negotiate appearances and handle some proceedings on the client’s behalf, emphasizing the need for skilled local legal representation.

  1. Impact on Future Travel and Entry into Florida

A DUI conviction in Florida can impact a person’s ability to travel freely to and from the state. This could affect future vacations, business trips, or any travel that involves driving within Florida.

  1. Reciprocal Enforcement of Fines and Community Service

Some states have agreements with Florida to enforce fines and community service orders across state lines. This means an out-of-state driver could be compelled to fulfill these obligations even after leaving Florida.

Out-of-state drivers facing DUI charges in Florida must navigate a legal environment that can be markedly different from their home state. Awareness of these differences is key to formulating a defense strategy and mitigating the potential cross-state impact of a DUI conviction. Legal representation from a knowledgeable Florida DUI attorney becomes not just beneficial but essential under these circumstances.


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