Edgewood Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is not a matter to take lightly. A conviction can change your life significantly. It may be easy to hope that it will somehow go away, or not be as serious as it first appears. Some who face criminal charges in Edgewood or elsewhere in Central Florida consider representing themselves in the matter. Or they are less than serious about fighting the charges. This is a mistake. To lessen your chances of being convicted on a serious charge, you must engage seasoned representation, like the Edgewood criminal lawyers at Katz & Phillips, P.A. Such representation will be knowledgeable about your opportunities to have charges reduced or even dismissed depending on the facts of the case or the actions of law enforcement. We continue to fight for you if the case goes to trial.

Legal Counsel when Charged with a Crime in Edgewood

The Edgewood police department and Orange County sheriff’s officers are concerned with crime in Edgewood, which has a property crime rate that significantly exceeds the national average. Despite the best efforts of these police forces, charges may result from misunderstandings and mistakes in judgment. An experienced criminal attorney will research your case and the elements surrounding it. There may be circumstances in the case that a seasoned criminal attorney will uncover that makes a case weaker than it appears, or possibly renders the charges unwarranted. If the case comes to trial, an accomplished defense team will potentially increase your chances of beating the charges. In short, experience counts.

Your Lawful Rights

Capable, experienced counsel is critical to maximizing your ability to defend yourself. Being convicted of a crime can have serious repercussions for you in your life and in your future. A conviction can negatively influence your future ability to

  • keep your current employment
  • perform the duties required of you for your job or family
  • get a job in the future
  • qualify for a business or personal loan
  • live where you want to

Skilled, Compassionate Legal Representation

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips, P.A. understand the magnitude of your situation. And we understand what you’re going through. Your family and friends share your concern, but cannot possibly understand your worry and the pressure you are under. But an understanding for your plight permeates our compassionate legal defense firm. The lawyers and the professional staff have experience in these matters in Edgewood and throughout Central Florida. You owe it to yourself to engage with this kind of representation. Do not throw caution to the wind: The results of your case can simply be too dire for you and your future.

Choosing an Edgewood Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your criminal case in Edgewood is an important matter. Don’t shortchange yourself. The use of an experienced Edgewood criminal defense lawyer is critical. The experienced attorneys at Katz & Phillips, P.A. will provide you with a free consultation on the specifics of your case. We will inform you of your rights and our thoughts on your case without any pressure. Take advantage of this today by calling 321-332-6864.


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