Attorneys are required to take continuing legal education classes. However, they’re not required to take classes that –

Attorneys are required to continue their legal education even after law school. In order to maintain their license to practice  continuing legal education courses are a regular part of every attorney’s life. However, if you focus your practice on one area of law  you can find out about other areas of law in your continuing legal education courses. You don’t have to take courses that focus on what you do for a living.

It’s important for an attorney to take the classes that focus on what they do so that they can stay on top of new developments in their  field.

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips who focus their practice on DUI defense, because of our own internal requirements, have to take  continuing legal education courses at least twice a year that focus on DUI defense. And not just general DUI defense but technical areas such as blood testing or breath testing. We require this of our attorneys because our clients are important to us.

It’s important that the attorney knows everything they can about the area that they are trying to help the client in. At Katz & Phillips  DUI defense is our primary focus and our attorneys continue their education in the area of DUI defense throughout their careers.