There are many attorneys in Florida who can handle your DUI case. Most of them are criminal law practitioners who also handle DUI cases. DUI is what I do. Ninety-nine percent of my practice is DUI defense; I am a DUI practitioner who rarely will take a criminal case that isn’t a DUI.

It’s very important that the attorney you hire to defend you can spend the time necessary to understand the little nuances of a DUI  case. We present defenses for our clients that other attorneys don’t think of. I can spend my time learning everything there is to know about DUI; the stop of your vehicle, what the officers are looking at – looking for as you exit your car, what they’re looking for as you’re walking on the side of the road, the nuances of the field sobriety exercises. Are the officers instructing them to you correctly? Are they grading you appropriately?

I also focus a lot of time on fighting the admissibility of breath test results. The places that our firm practices in regularly breath tests  have not come in against our clients in years. We will fight the breath test results in your case and defend every piece of evidence that  the State claims to have against you.

Having an attorney who focuses his time and attention on DUI defense is a huge benefit for those accused of the crime.