If you’re arrested for a DUI in Florida it’s important to remember not only do you have a criminal case pending against you but you  also have a Department of Motor Vehicle case and that’s very time sensitive, because you only have ten days from the date you are arrested to file a request of formal review hearing.

If you do not do that within a ten-day time period your license will automatically be suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicle  for up to six months, if you took the breath test and blew over a 0.08, or for one year if you have a refusal.

And if you have a prior DUI that you have a refusal on and you refused the second time they will automatically suspend your driver’s license for 18 months.

So it’s important to know that this time period for requesting this hearing is within the ten days of the arrest. That’s the most important  thing to know whenever you’re arrested for a DUI.