Well, if you want to just resolve your case – DUI case in Florida – you really are limited to your options. Because a DUI carries certain minimum mandatory sanctions, that’s really going to be the only way to resolve it short of trial, unless you’re able to put on a case, or of course enter into a plea negotiations with the State Attorney to a lesser-included offense such as a reckless driving.

But DUI’s, because of the minimum mandatory, doesn’t really have a whole lot of wiggle room for just resolving it short of trial. Now at Katz & Phillips what we do is we aggressively fight them by filing motions, contesting every piece of evidence.

A lot of times the results of these hearings on our motion to suppress/motion in limines can result in a resolution to your case before going to trial.

Also, certain counties – a very limited amount – have pretrial diversion programs that we can look into and see if you’re eligible for, and upon agreement with the prosecution we can possibly enter you into a diversion program that will resolve your case short of trial.