DUI defense is a much more technical area of the law than general criminal defense. Because of that a person who wants to successfully  help people accused of DUI has to stay apprised of the latest developments in science and the law.

Because of that the attorneys at our firm who practice DUI defense attend specialized seminars quarterly, four times a year; our  attorneys attend seminars focusing on DUI defense, from mastering scientific evidence seminars that focus on breath and blood testing to seminars focusing on field sobriety exercises or scientific testing like gas chromatogram. Our attorneys stay on top of the DUI field.  And in fact not only do we go to seminars where these are taught, we attend as the teachers.

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips make sure that we are always aware of new items of scientific value that – to our clients, and new methods of defending these cases. Our education helps our clients and it’s very important to make sure any attorney that you would think about hiring stays on top of the latest developments in their field.