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Taxes are confusing. For many, the different income and numbers can lead to an endless amount of confusion – causing undue stress and strain in their lives. In many situations, it becomes all too easy to make a mistake. One wrong or excluded number and the entire form can be thrown off. Even a single digit can cause an immense change in the tax return. If the IRS catches this, they might assume that you are guilty of tax fraud or tax evasion. What happens when you are not guilty? What if it was just a simple mistake? This is where the legal assistance of a knowledgeable and aggressive Orlando criminal defense attorney can become an invaluable asset in defending your freedom.

Does My Case Need an Orlando Tax Fraud Attorney?

There are many different things that are legally considered to be tax fraud; these can include falsely representing income that was not earned, hiding away assets, reporting deductions more than you are owed and changing personal expenses towards business expenses. By law, tax avoidance is considered to be using the law to avoid paying taxes; tax evasion is illegally using means to skip out on taxes.

Statistics have shown that due to such issues as tax avoidance, evasion and fraud, there has been billions of dollars in the tax gap. In 2008, this tax gap was estimated at close to $500 billion. Typically, evasion occurs in the scenario of someone with an extremely complicated return – the most common means of committing evasion is by overstating donations to charities.

Defend Yourself With an Orlando Tax Fraud Law Firm

When you are struggling against a tax fraud charge, you need to be confident that you have a lawyer on your side that knows more than criminal law. It is important that you have an advocate who is intimately knowledgeable with tax law. These cases are complex and require an ability to wade through an immense amount of paper work. They must have an eye for detail and be able to put in the amount of elbow grease that these cases typically require.

At Katz and Phillips, we know that these cases are complicated and we are fully devoted to ensuring that our clients are completely defended. We have seen how severe the ramifications of a white collar crime can be and we are fully devoted to helping our clients fight for their just outcome. We have an invested interest in your case and will do everything that we can to help you defend your freedom against the possibility of conviction.

Contact an Orlando tax fraud defense lawyer from our firm as soon as possible if you have been charged with tax fraud or tax evasion.