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Florida statute §893.13 makes it a serious offense to have any illegal drug or controlled dangerous substance in your posession for the purpose of selling it. How does the prosecution know you intend to sell? In most cases, they don’t. They’re guessing. That’s why you need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney to prove they’re wrong. Without professional help, you can face charges ranging from a first degree misdemeanor to a second or third degree felony. Charges are enhanced, meaning that the penalties get worse, if the substance is found in your possession when you’re within 1,000 feet of a daycare facility or an elementary school.

Katz & Phillips Are Your Orlando Possession With Intent to Sell Attorneys

You’ve got a lot on the line, and you need committed legal help to make a difference. Depending on whether you intended to sell the substance in your possession, or exactly what the substance was, the experienced team of attorneys at Katz & Phillips can make a great difference with the penalties you face. If you bring us in early enough, we can attempt to have the charges against you reduced by bringing any and all mitigating factors to the attention of the prosecution. If your case does proceed to trial, we’ll bring those factors to the attention of the court to try to win a verdict in your favor. We’ll work with you and for you throughout the entirety of your case to minimize the damage to your life. To learn more about the approach taken by Katz & Phillips attorneys when dealing with charges of possession with the intent to sell, check out our drug crimes video.